Why is the tourism industry important to you?

Which tourism profession/job in Brussels?

Do I have the right profile and the right qualifications? Do I have a chance if I have no training? Do I need to speak other languages?

The tourism industry is constantly growing. Whether in the hotel industry, travel agencies, the food service industry or any other profession relating to tourism, your personal skills will be showcased and will enable you to progress fairly quickly. You will progress even faster if you demonstrate flexibility, availability, energy, team spirit and, of course, motivation.

Employers in the tourism industry value these qualities and you will then have access to training, followed by promotions. You’ll generally find that if an employee does everything to show what he or she is capable of, the rewards will follow. In a nutshell, the potential for career progress in the tourism industry is enormous and qualifications are not what counts the most at all.
And if you like practising the languages you speak, the tourism industry is THE ideal way to showcase these assets and to get the most satisfaction from your customers.

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