Training providers

As a reminder, we make a distinction between training (short cycle, training providers/organisations) and tourism courses (long cycle, tertiary institutions).

The various training providers in the Brussels Region

Bruxelles Formation: Training organisation of the Brussels-Capital Region. Training programmes essentially in Communication and I.T. The catalogue of training programmes for workers is available here: Self-directed training is also available: click here to see the catalogue of self-directed training programmes.

Centre de Référence de l’Horeca (Horeca Be Pro), is the Brussels Professional Reference Centre for the HORECA Industry, set up at the initiative of the Brussels-Capital Region, Actiris, VDAB, Horeca Formation Bruxelles and Bruxelles Formation. It offers many training programmes, for jobseekers in particular, as well as skills reinforcement.

Dorifor, a database set up by Bruxelles Formation, listing all the training programmes for adults in the Brussels Region. It offers several professional training programmes in the HORECA industry (basic and skills training). Examples: commis chef, head chef, valet/housekeeper, restaurant staff, receptionist, waiter/bartender, etc.

Espace Formation PME small and medium business training centre offers an IATA training programme (ongoing training) for those wishing to work in a travel agency (flight reservations). This training centre also offers a “Tour Guide – Regional Guide and Travel Agent” training programme (“Business Manager/Service Professions” stream) long cycle course, listed on our “Schools” page.

If we have left out a training centre in the Brussels Region and/or a training programme, please send us an email and we will happily add it to this article.

Share these training opportunities with your contacts so that they can also benefit from the employment potential of the Brussels tourism industry.