Tourism training programmes and courses

Tourism schools and courses

What tourism courses are available in Brussels?

Below are details of the various education institutions offering courses in tourism (Brussels Tourism Schools):

Adult Education

Institut Edmond Machtens ( in Molenbeek St Jean offers a Bachelor of Tourism majoring in Management, leading to a degree recognised by the French Community.

IEPSCF in Uccle ( offers two programmes:

– Reception and Tourism Officer (conferral of a secondary level certificate)

– Tour and Regional Guide in partnership with CERIA (conferral of a BES – Vocational Certificate).

CPSU in Uccle ( offers a Bachelor of Tourism with a “Management” stream.

Non-university higher education

Institut Arthur Haulot and ISALT, both tertiary institutions in the Brussels Region, offer programmes in the tourism industry. Focussing on travel agencies, tour operators, coach drivers and hospitality, these schools offer recognised programmes that serve as a springboard for working in the tourism industry.

These programmes can be accessed by those holding a secondary school certificate. (CESS).

Leaders are good with people and are extroverts who enjoy sharing their enthusiasm. They’re also responsible for the content of travel programmes. They accompany groups and use their leadership skills at tourism facilities (museums, tourist clubs and attractions, etc.).

Managers are more oriented towards the financial and organisational aspects of businesses and are in charge of budgets, calculating costs, negotiating contracts with various players in the tourism industry, managing teams, etc.
The Institute has developed partnerships with various European education institutions and universities. See:

  • ISALToffers a Bachelor of Tourism and Leisure Management, a 3-year programme. Direct entry into 2nd Year is possible. Programme leading to various tourism professions. Internships within a company during your studies. (ISALT encourages you to undertake your final year internship abroad). Seminars led by industry professionals. Study trip and Eductour Belgique. Four languages are studied (see our article on unemployment in Brussels and the importance of multilingualism). General training in economic, legal and psycho-social fields in relation to current trends.
  • Institut Roger Lambionoffers a Tour Guide training programme. The qualification conferred is a “Tour Guide/Regional Guide Vocational Certificate – BES”, an undergraduate tertiary qualification for adults. Classes are divided between languages, intangible, artistic and cultural heritage, practical exercises applied to the tour guide profession, etc. Click here for the complete programme. Classes take place at two different locations, at Institut Roger Lambion on the Ceria campus and at the Institut d’Enseignement de Promotion Sociale de la Communauté Française.

University education

ULB offers a programme in Tourism Science and Management. This Master’s degree is taught by the University’s Faculty of Science. Theory and practical classes, study trips, excursions, an internship and a dissertation are integral parts of the programme. Courses in cartography, tourism economics, marketing, tourism history and geography. This Master’s degree especially trains students in the creation of heritage and environmental itineraries, cultural tourism management, strategy and the design of products and events. Partnerships with foreign universities offering Erasmus exchange opportunities (Spain, United Kingdom, Portugal, Italy, Canada, etc.). Additionally, certain modules in the Master’s degree are taught in English. ULB is the only university in the French Community to offer a Master of Tourism Science and Management.

Private education

VATEL International Business School Hotel & Tourism Management: offers a 5-year programme specialising in hotel management. This programme is spread over 2 degrees: Bachelor and Master. This private school, partnered with a French business school, trains future operational and managerial executives for the hotel industry and the tourism industry in general. Vatel describes itself as the 1st Worldwide Business School Group in Hospitality and Management, with 30 schools worldwide. The school boasts a 100% graduate employment rate. Furthermore, within the context of the 2010 Worldwide Hospitality Awards, industry professionals awarded Vatel the Best Professional Success Award and the Best Educational Innovation Award, naming it the best European school in its category.

The Espace Formation PME is the small and medium business training centre for the Brussels Region. The EFPME is intended for those aiming to work in independent professions, small and medium businesses or very small businesses, as well as their partners. The EFPME offers two “business manager” programmes:

Institut Charles Péguy offers three programmes:

  • Tourism
  • Hotel Management
  • Event Creation and Management

Graduate within 3 years. Admission is possible for those without a secondary school certificate (aptitude and knowledge of the profession tests). It’s possible to attend a day of classes, by appointment and when convenient to you. Ph.: 010 45 11 08. Institut Charles Péguy ASBL, Place Pierre de Coubertin 2, 1348 Louvain-la-Neuve.

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The programmes

High demand for skills

The study into the causes of the increase in unemployment in Brussels, which we outlined in an article on our Facebook page, particularly highlighted requirements with regard to those seeking employment, especially the strong skills and bilingualism/multilingualism required.

Tourism training and courses

As a reminder, we make a distinction between “training programmes” and “courses”:

Training programmes are targeted to jobseekers with a view to professional insertion and to workers within the context of ongoing training.

Tourism courses concern undergraduate or postgraduate study programmes.

For more information concerning the schools that teach tourism, click on “The Schools”.

Main training programmes and training organisations for tourism in Brussels

(The Espace Formation PME also offers courses for becoming a tour/regional guide. See “Tourism Courses”).





Actiris cheques

As a jobseeker, you can also benefit from Actiris cheques: training cheques for the HORECA industry in particular. Up to 50% financing (the other 50% is paid by the employer) for an additional training programme during the first 6 months following recruitment).

If you offer other tourism training programmes in Brussels or are undertaking a tourism training programme yourself that is not listed above, please send an email to [email protected] and we will be happy to add it to this page.

Discover the benefits of the various professional training programmes for jobseekers and employers by clicking “The Benefits”.

The benefits associated with training

The benefits of the various professional training programmes aimed at jobseekers in the Brussels Region:

The Regional Employment Office, better known as Actiris, offers various training programmes and contracts:

Individual Professional Training (IPT) within a company: thanks to individual professional training, the company provides you with training in the workplace directly relating to the profession in which you will be employed upon completing the training. It’s the direct route to a job, the quickest way to start working, especially in the Brussels tourism industry.

Here are the advantages of Individual Professional Training in the Brussels Region for employers: IPT gives employers the opportunity to train jobseekers themselves according to the needs of their company. You will not have to pay a salary, ONSS social security contributions, or employer contributions, just a productivity bonus.
Upon completion of the training programme, you will employ the intern on an open-ended employment contract. The applicable legislation will be that of the French or Flemish Community, depending on the linguistic role of your applicant. More information here.

Other benefits, such as Actiris cheques, are made available to employers to train their future co-workers: language cheques, ICT cheques and training cheques.

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Training providers

As a reminder, we make a distinction between training (short cycle, training providers/organisations) and tourism courses (long cycle, tertiary institutions).

The various training providers in the Brussels Region

Bruxelles Formation: Training organisation of the Brussels-Capital Region. Training programmes essentially in Communication and I.T. The catalogue of training programmes for workers is available here: Self-directed training is also available: click here to see the catalogue of self-directed training programmes.

Centre de Référence de l’Horeca (Horeca Be Pro), is the Brussels Professional Reference Centre for the HORECA Industry, set up at the initiative of the Brussels-Capital Region, Actiris, VDAB, Horeca Formation Bruxelles and Bruxelles Formation. It offers many training programmes, for jobseekers in particular, as well as skills reinforcement.

Dorifor, a database set up by Bruxelles Formation, listing all the training programmes for adults in the Brussels Region. It offers several professional training programmes in the HORECA industry (basic and skills training). Examples: commis chef, head chef, valet/housekeeper, restaurant staff, receptionist, waiter/bartender, etc.

Espace Formation PME small and medium business training centre offers an IATA training programme (ongoing training) for those wishing to work in a travel agency (flight reservations). This training centre also offers a “Tour Guide – Regional Guide and Travel Agent” training programme (“Business Manager/Service Professions” stream) long cycle course, listed on our “Schools” page.

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