The programmes

High demand for skills

The study into the causes of the increase in unemployment in Brussels, which we outlined in an article on our Facebook page, particularly highlighted requirements with regard to those seeking employment, especially the strong skills and bilingualism/multilingualism required.

Tourism training and courses

As a reminder, we make a distinction between “training programmes” and “courses”:

– Training programmes are targeted to jobseekers with a view to professional insertion and to workerswithin the context of ongoing training.

– Tourism courses concern undergraduate or postgraduate study programmes.

For more information concerning the schools that teach tourism, click on “The Schools”.

Main training programmes and training organisations for tourism in Brussels

(The Espace Formation PME also offers courses for becoming a tour/regional guide. See “Tourism Courses”).

Actiris cheques

As a jobseeker, you can also benefit from Actiris cheques: training cheques for the HORECA industry in particular. Up to 50% financing (the other 50% is paid by the employer) for an additional training programme during the first 6 months following recruitment).

If you offer other tourism training programmes in Brussels or are undertaking a tourism training programme yourself that is not listed above, please send an email to [email protected] and we will be happy to add it to this page.

Discover the benefits of the various professional training programmes for jobseekers and employers by clicking “The Benefits”.