The benefits associated with training

The benefits of the various professional training programmes aimed at jobseekers in the Brussels Region:

The Regional Employment Office, better known as Actiris, offers various training programmes and contracts:

Individual Professional Training (IPT) within a company: thanks to individual professional training, the company provides you with training in the workplace directly relating to the profession in which you will be employed upon completing the training. It’s the direct route to a job, the quickest way to start working, especially in the Brussels tourism industry.

Here are the advantages of Individual Professional Training in the Brussels Region for employersIPT gives employers the opportunity to train jobseekers themselves according to the needs of their companyYou will not have to pay a salary, ONSS social security contributions, or employer contributions, just a productivity bonus.
Upon completion of the training programme, you will employ the intern on an open-ended employment contract. The applicable legislation will be that of the French or Flemish Community, depending on the linguistic role of your applicant. More information here.

Other benefits, such as Actiris cheques, are made available to employers to train their future co-workers: language cheques, ICT cheques and training cheques.

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