General and industry-specific press (tourism)

Are you a journalist for the general or industry-specific press? A radio presenter or television programme producer? Are you studying journalism? Are you aware of the issues surrounding employment in Brussels? Are you familiar with the sources of all types of jobs in the Brussels tourism industry as a whole (conventions, hotel industry, coach drivers, travel agents and tour operators, etc.)? Would you like to share useful and practical information with your readers/listeners/viewers?

The “Communication” unit at is here for you! Contact us here. Leave us your details and we’ll get in touch with you quickly.

We are open to partnerships, the primary objective being to make this website known as much as possible to everyone in Brussels looking for a job specifically in the Brussels tourism industry.

On this page we will regularly publish press releases, our occasional events and any other information worth publishing.

On behalf of jobseekers and their future employers, thank you in advance for your cooperation.