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How do I write a good job advert?

On this page, we give you a few tips to help you write a good job advert. As a reminder, this site makes software available to you that helps you create online job adverts thanks to drop-down menus, fields to be filled in and pre-completed sections.

Tips and tricks for writing a good job advert

  • The title of the position must be clear/complete and immediately visible (like the heading of a newspaper article).
  • The profile you’re looking for must also be sufficiently precise (qualifications and skills) to only interest the people who correspond to this profile.
  • Don’t detail the job description beyond the 3-4 most important responsibilities.
  • We recommend a plain, simple style that’s not too long. Feel free to be creative, as long as you stay serious. This can, for example, help to present your business in a concise manner.
  • Describe what you expect from the candidate in return for what you’re offering (without going into the detailed figures of the offer). This also helps to complete the profile you’re looking for.
  • Avoid spelling mistakes at any cost. Don’t hesitate to have someone else reread your advert before publishing it.
  • Be direct in order to encourage candidates to respond. Address the candidate directly: “Are you ready to develop a new team of co-workers?”, for example.
  • Clearly mention the contact person’s details and how to apply.
  • Give the address of the company’s website, if the site is in keeping with the image you want to give of your company, your LinkedIn account, etc.

Bullet points are also recommended where possible to make reading easier.

Now it’s over to you!

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How can you highlight your assets?

How can you highlight your assets? Keep a few key points in mind.

A job advert can make someone not want to apply for a job.

Here we offer you a few key points we believe are useful to keep in mind before finalising your job advert:

  • Why is it better to work for your company rather than for another?
  • Why is your job advert important for your business?
  • How could this position prove beneficial to the candidate’s career?
  • What are the benefits that your company offers and others don’t?
  • What are the career prospects for the candidate?

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