How do I write a good CV?

How to write a good CV is the question all jobseekers ask themselves.

Don’t panic! The software used on our website will offer to create one or more profiles for you in relation to tourism professions by asking you some questions and/or giving you drop-down menus to make things easier for you. We encourage you to create several profiles from the start relating to the professions that interest you.

Coming back to the question of “How do I write a good CV?”, we recommend that you tackle this question from the point of view of an employer in the tourism industry. What does an employer in the tourism industry want to know?

Firstly, keep in mind that an employer will only spend around thirty seconds on average reading your CV. So don’t write a novel, just a maximum of two A4 pages.

By doing some research on the Internet, we found a nice model CV adapted to the tourism industry: Good visual presentation, clear and without any superfluous information. This CV highlights the jobseeker’s contact details, the position/profession/department sought (very, very important and often forgotten), training, professional experience, language and computer skills and some “additional” information. Simple, clear and precise.

On the website, we found this interesting article. It gives some tips as well as traps to avoid when writing a CV.

In summary, do:

  • Be careful of your spelling (get a native speaker of English, French, Dutch, etc. to reread your CV)
  • Highlight your genuine skills and accomplishments
  • If you’ve had a job before, give references (names and contact details of people who can attest to your accomplishments – make sure these people won’t speak badly about you!)
  • Draw attention to what makes you different!


  • Lie about your training or experience, or invent anything
  • Be impersonal
  • Make spelling mistakes
  • Be imprecise
  • Be informal

Another article we found interesting: