Create your online site step by step

Create your online CV on this site, step by step

Here’s how to use the site step by step (this won’t take longer than 5 mins):

  1. Create your online CV: sign up by clicking the “Sign Up” button at the top of the homepage and create your account. Keep your username (your username can be your given name, a nickname, etc.), email address and password safe so you can manage your account later. When you want to go back to the site, click on “Already registered” and enter your username, email address and password
  2. Next, create your online CV by ticking the boxes and filling in the fields (your contact details, address, skills, the languages you speak, any training you’ve done plus your professional experience). You can even add a smiling photo of yourself, which is always a plus. You must complete the fields marked with a red asterisk in order to continue to the following pageFor languages, you must complete the 3 fields(French, Dutch, English): indicate at least “Basic” for each of the 3 languages. Click on “Save”.
  3. On the next page: there’s a summary of the CV you’ve just created online. Here you can either amend your CV, by clicking on the button at the bottom left, or publish your CVon the site, by clicking on the button at the top or bottom right.
  4. Once you’ve published your CV, you come to your “Dashboard”, which enables you to:

– (“My CVs” tab): add another CV (REPEAT the process as many times as you like to increase your chances, choosing a different POSITION/JOB each time). Here you can amend/hide (so it’s not visible)/delete your online CV(s).

– (“Dashboard” tab): manage/look at the job adverts you’ve read recently/your favourite and recommended adverts.

– (“Preferences” tab): complete “Your Career” and “Other Information”, which will automatically generate job adverts based on the keywords you’ve indicated here.

– (“My Job Alerts” tab): here you can specify the types and categories of positions you’re looking for to limit the job adverts you receive to the one(s) you’re really after. Don’t fill in anything if you’d like to maximise the adverts you receive. SAVE your job preferences and alerts.

  1. On the following page, YOUR dashboard shows all of the data you’ve just entered: the job adverts relevant to you, your CV(s), job alerts and preferences. Here you can modify the information, add another CV, etc. At the top right, under “Account Options”, you can modify your profile, access your account or log off.

CONGRATULATIONS! You’re done! Good luck!

A tip: add to your “favourites” and log into your dashboard regularly.