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Professionals from the Brussels tourism industry

Professionals from across the spectrum of the Brussels tourism industry, most of whom played a part in getting the first Brussels Tourism Convention off the ground in 1995, first created a not-for-profit association and then a private foundation, the Fondation Etienne Meurice, in homage to the man who was the General Secretary, and unquestionably the driving force, of this Convention, who passed away too soon in 1997.

Promotion of Brussels tourism

The main objective of the Fondation Etienne Meurice is to see to the promotion of Brussels tourism. Its first initiative was to award a Prize to a student having completed a quality end-of-studies project on tourism in the Brussels Region, as well as the best initiative taken during the year by a player in the Brussels tourism industry.

The Fondation Etienne Meurice answered a call for projects put out by Actiris in June 2012, presenting the “” pilot project. At the same time, Actiris was moving towards the division of job seeking and adverts according to industry, which was exactly in keeping with this site.

The Brussels tourism industry

The “” Internet platform project was born from the realisation, on the one hand, that the Brussels tourism industry is booming with regard to employment and, on the other hand, that there was no specific employment site for the Brussels tourism industry as a whole. Additionally, the “” website is based on a highly-developed I.T. tool for matching job adverts and specific requests, additionally “customised” specifically to the Brussels tourism industry, both in French and English.

If you’re a jobseeker

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If you’re an employer, human resources manager or consultant

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Brussels Tourism Jobs  is an initiative of the Fondation Etienne Meurice Stichting, a private foundation established in memory of Etienne Meurice, the driving force behind the first Brussels Tourism Convention, held in 1995.