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Professionals from the Brussels tourism industry

Professionals from across the spectrum of the Brussels tourism industry, most of whom played a part in getting the first Brussels Tourism Convention off the ground in 1995, first created a not-for-profit association and then a private foundation, the Fondation Etienne Meurice, in homage to the man who was the General Secretary, and unquestionably the driving force, of this Convention, who passed away too soon in 1997.

Promotion of Brussels tourism

The main objective of the Fondation Etienne Meurice is to see to the promotion of Brussels tourism. Its first initiative was to award a Prize to a student having completed a quality end-of-studies project on tourism in the Brussels Region, as well as the best initiative taken during the year by a player in the Brussels tourism industry.

The Fondation Etienne Meurice answered a call for projects put out by Actiris in June 2012, presenting the “” pilot project. At the same time, Actiris was moving towards the division of job seeking and adverts according to industry, which was exactly in keeping with this site.

The Brussels tourism industry

The “” Internet platform project was born from the realisation, on the one hand, that the Brussels tourism industry is booming with regard to employment and, on the other hand, that there was no specific employment site for the Brussels tourism industry as a whole. Additionally, the “” website is based on a highly-developed I.T. tool for matching job adverts and specific requests, additionally “customised” specifically to the Brussels tourism industry, both in French and English.

If you’re a jobseeker

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If you’re an employer, human resources manager or consultant

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Brussels Tourism Jobs is an initiative of the Fondation Etienne Meurice Stichting, a private foundation established in memory of Etienne Meurice, the driving force behind the first Brussels Tourism Convention, held in 1995.


<h2>What does “” do?</h2>
This recruitment website connects jobseekers and employers from the Brussels tourism industry through a dynamic platform.
<h2>Who is this site for?</h2>
<u>For jobseekers</u>: for all jobseekers living in the Brussels Region and duly registered as unemployed jobseekers with <a href="">Actiris</a>, and generally for anyone interested in the <strong>Brussels tourism industry</strong> and its strong employment potential (currently more than 30,000 direct jobs).

<u>For employers and HR</u>: if you’re active in the Brussels tourism sector and are looking for one or more candidates, this site is for you.
<h2>Why a specific site for the Brussels tourism industry?</h2>
There are estimated to be more than 30,000 direct jobs in the <strong>Brussels tourism industry</strong>. Tourism enjoys continued growth, thanks to investment in its development. In fact, the Brussels-Capital Region, the Wallonia-Brussels Community and the City of Brussels have increased their physical and financial support. Tourist attractions and facilities have been strongly developed. Demand is always rising. There are countless conferences and major events organised in Brussels. Jobs have followed and must continue to meet this demand.
<h2>What’s the difference between this and other recruitment websites?</h2>
Beside its specific focus – <strong>tourism in the Brussels Region</strong> – this site is probably the only one to be managed by the people behind the project, who are themselves in the industry. These are the same professionals who will continually raise awareness amongst industry players, encouraging them to use this tool more in their own interest. Finally, it’s the dynamic software used, based on alerts, “calls to action”, reminders, etc., which makes this an extremely efficient tool that everyone likes.

Brussels Tourism Jobs useful links

<h3>Organisations relating to employment and/or Brussels tourism</h3>
<strong>Actiris</strong>: Regional employment office of the Brussels-Capital Region, <a href=""></a>.

<strong>Attractions et Tourisme</strong>: not-for-profit association founded in 1982 by approximately ten managers of tourist attractions in Wallonia and Brussels. Mostly concerned with protecting the interests of tourist attractions as well as promoting them. <a href=""></a>.

<strong>BHA </strong>(Brussels Hotel Association): Association of hotels located in Brussels, <a href=""></a>.

<strong>Brussels Enterprises Commerce and Industry</strong>: <a href=""></a><strong> </strong>(formerly the Brussels Chamber of Commerce and Union of Enterprises). Official body for promoting the economic sector in the Brussels Region.

<strong>Conseil Bruxellois des Musées</strong>: founded following the first Brussels Tourism Convention, <a href=""></a>, brings together almost 100 museums in the Brussels Region.

<strong>Euro Catering Language Training (</strong><a href=""></a><strong>) offers free language classes online, specifically tailored to the HORECA industry. Several languages are available: Dutch, English, German, Spanish, Italian, French, etc. </strong>

<strong>FBAA</strong>: Belgian federation of bus and coach operators, <a href=""></a>. Several possible professions: drivers, technicians, guides, etc.

<strong>Fondation Etienne Meurice Stichting</strong>: Private foundation set up in memory of Etienne Meurice, the driving force behind the first Brussels Tourism Convention in 1995, <a href=""></a>. At the very beginning, the Foundation awarded Prizes to students for the best end-of-studies project on the subject of Brussels tourism, as well as a Prize for the best initiative within the industry. Since then, the Foundation has evolved into a think tank and aims to be a unifying force, putting forward original proposals intended to further develop tourism in Brussels. Its latest initiative is the <a href="">Brussels Tourism Jobs</a> website.

<strong>Horeca Bruxelles</strong>: employers’ federation of hotel, restaurant and café owners and associated professions of the Brussels-Capital Region, <a href=""></a>.

<strong>Ministry of the Brussels-Capital Region</strong>: <a href=""></a> (this site provides useful information concerning the Region and Employment in particular).

<strong>ISTO (International Social Tourism Organisation)</strong>, <a href=""></a>. A not-for-profit organisation, ISTO’s mission is to promote access to leisure, holidays and tourism for all.

<strong>OPT (Office for the Promotion of Tourism in Wallonia and Brussels</strong>, <a href=""></a>: its mission is to get people to discover Wallonia and Brussels thanks to its partners’ events and “highlights”, which are promoted on its website, in brochures and newsletters, without forgetting the OPT offices abroad: Paris, London, Milan, Tokyo, New York, etc. If a career abroad promoting Brussels interests you, you’ll find more information about the OPT offices abroad by clicking here: <a href=""></a>. We should mention in passing that Etienne Meurice, in whose memory the Foundation of the same name was established, worked here for many years.

<strong>UPAV</strong>: Professional Union of Travel Agencies. If you’re specifically looking for a job in the travel agency sector, you can contact UPAV, <a href=""></a>.

<strong>Visit Brussels</strong>: the body for promoting tourism and conventions in Brussels, <a href=""></a>.

<strong>Guided Visits in Brussels</strong>: for those of you who would like to have a career as a guide.

Here are two links listing the various operators: <a href=""></a> and <a href=""></a>.

<strong>Wallonie-Bruxelles Tourisme (WBT not-for-profit association)</strong>: see “OPT” above.

This list does not claim to be exhaustive and will be updated regularly. Please contact us if your organisation does not appear above.


<h2>General and industry-specific press (tourism)</h2>
Are you a <strong>journalist</strong> for the general or industry-specific press? A <strong>radio presenter</strong> or <strong>television programme producer</strong>? Are you studying journalism? Are you aware of the issues surrounding <strong>employment in Brussels</strong>? Are you familiar with the sources of all types of jobs in the <strong>Brussels tourism industry</strong> as a whole (conventions, hotel industry, coach drivers, travel agents and tour operators, etc.)? Would you like to share useful and practical information with your readers/listeners/viewers?

The “Communication” unit at is here for you! <a href="">Contact us here</a>. Leave us your details and we’ll get in touch with you quickly.

We are open to <strong>partnerships</strong>, the primary objective being to make this website known as much as possible to everyone in Brussels looking for a job specifically in the Brussels tourism industry.

On this page we will regularly publish press releases, our occasional events and any other information worth publishing.

On behalf of jobseekers and their future employers, thank you in advance for your cooperation.