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Viva’s Tours


24 Jan 2017

Tour Guide: Brussels, Bruges, Ghent or Antwerp.

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Description de fonction


We are a non profit organization focused on the promotion of tourism.

Since the high season is coming, we’re looking for people who want to work as freelance tourguides in English or Spanish for any of the 4 cities in which we operate (Brussels,Bruges,Ghent or Antwerp).

You don’t need previous studies in the touristic area, we’re looking for people who is charismatic, fun, communicative, energetic and that enjoy meeting people from all around the world, and also who want to make some extra money.

This is a part time job with very flexible schedules (around 3 hours per day).

The job is remunerated depending on the amount of tours offered and the demand we have.,However we’re truely appreciate people who don’t care only about the money, it’s really important for us that the people who want to join our project love sharing with other people and enjoy what we do and the activities we organise.

Also, to be able to work with us you need to:

-Live in Brussels, Bruges, Ghent or Antwerp (or be willing to work on any of the places)

-Have your working permission (for international people)

-Speak an advance level of english or spanish.

To receive more info, send an email to : info@vivabrusselstour.com
or visit our website: vivastour.com


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