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28 Nov 2016


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Description de fonction

The Host is the initial contact with the guests. Therefore, it is essential to start guests off with a positive experience at the front door. A Host is anyone who greets, seats and pages guests. In addition, you will be assuming the role of tour guide, communicator, entertainer, memorabilia curator and musician (at heart). Basic functions of the Host include: • Opening doors, where applicable • Welcoming and thanking guests • Answering questions – accurately and politely • Maintaining a clean and organized waiting area • Answering the phone • Directing guests to areas & restrooms • Assisting servers, bussers and managers • Performing opening, closing & side duties- cleaning glass, polishing brass, sweeping & vacuuming the floor, wiping menus, restroom maintenance, etc. • Assuring the complete satisfaction of each and every guest • Creating memorable experiences • Entertaining guests to create « Raving Fans » Job Requirements include: • Must have terminated compulsory education • Performing duties which require bending & reaching • Maintaining a well-groomed appearance (« having a plan ») • Following all uniform guidelines • Practicing all general safety & sanitation standards • Recycling products, where possible • Remaining calm in a hectic, fast-paced atmosphere • Demonstrating a high level of organization, attention-to-detail and a sense-of-urgency • Displaying a positive and outwardly friendly attitude toward guests • Maintaining HRC’s 5 core Values and Mission Statement

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